If you ever break up with a woman and then run into her later (especially when she is already dating another man…), it can be a very difficult and embarrassing situation for both of you…

In fact…you will probably find it very difficult to be nice and polite to her…

But you’ve got to try.

Yes, I know how tempting it is to make “smart-ass” or sarcastic comments and remarks.

I know how tempting it is to glare at the “other guy she met on adultfrienedfinder” defensively.

I know how tempting it is to have feelings of revenge, especially if you’re been dumped. (First-time readers email me to ask how they can take revenge on their ex’s all the time.)

Or…if you’re still in love with your ex, I know how tempting it is to beg her to get back together with you.

Or to keep staring at her without knowing what to say.

But none of this childish behaviour will bring you ANY good.

It won’t impress your ex or make her have more respect for you, and it certainly won’t help you win her back.

Here’s my advice on how to deal with run-in encounters with an ex-girlfriend:

1) If you have no intention of getting back together, then just remain calm and polite during your BRIEF conversation with her, and excuse yourself at the earliest moment. (So neither
of you will suddenly feel jealous or attraction again.)

2) Or…if you DO want to get her back, then act calm and CONFIDENT, and talk to her as if you guys never went out in the first place.

Do NOT mention the past relationship.

Do NOT try to “impress” her.

Do NOT beg her to come back.

Instead…just have a CASUAL conversation with her – the same kind of conversation you would have with ANY woman you meet. Smile and RELAX – even if you’re burning inside.

Tease her a little and see if her responses are positive. If they are, then flirt just a tiny bit…all
without asking to get back. Then tell her you’ll talk to her at another time and excuse yourself. Leave and walk tall on the way out.

If you’re with another girl, then feel free to introduce her to your ex – WITHOUT telling your ex you’re dating her. Let your ex GUESS if you’ve moved on with your life. Let her miss you. (In this scenario, do not flirt with your ex, as it would be insulting to the other girl…)

Remember, guys…self-control is ESSENTIAL to ANY area of life – including dating.

So have self-control and play it cool when you run into your ex – it may help you win her back!