So you’ve already created a witty, original profile that displays your high value with pictures of both your body and face, and included a kick ass description that demonstrates (not states) your personality type a positive traits. You could just leave it at that and hope the women will begin sending messages your way, but where’s the fun in that when you’ve got thousands of hot women to browse through and choose from?

Now its time to figure out who to choose out of the masses, which can actually prove to be much more difficult that it appears to be at first glance. You really can’t just browse through the profiles saying to yourself “I’d hit that” and always expect to get what her profile is promising. I’ve number closed at least 50 women on an online dating website and I wouldn’t have even approached them unless they looked hot in their profile pictures. However, something interesting will happen when you see some of them in person; they look nothing like their profile pictures at all. Many times they’ll look like the ugly sister of the girl that you thought you were supposed to meet!

Here are a couple of basic rules to follow that will help you to filter through the “fake hot chicks on adultfriendrfinder” and locate the ones that are worth spending your time pursuing:

1) Look for women that are following the exact same rules that you are following when it comes to posting picture: closeup face, followed by a full body-shot, then finally any of various pictures they want to use. The more pictures the better. Women are sneaky as all hell, and they will do anything they can to hide their true physique. A big thing they do is offer a full body shot but provide it in a full group picture where they are awkwardly bending or partially obscured by something else. When you see this, alarms should go off in your head because more times than not this is deliberate on her part to hide her true physique. If you are truly interested in the girl, enlarge the picture and study what little of her tummy is showing. I’ve found so many rolls this way I could start a bakery. And if you’ve got a single head shot only to work with, move on. Always remember: if a woman REALLY is hot, they will choose pictures that demonstrate that fact, not attempt to hide it. Anything that looks shady probably is.