Over 99.9% of all people members on online dating sites are sincere about finding a partner and/or new friends. That means they are virtually all genuine. However, there are few people you should be wary of – both men and women.

The tips below will certainly help you avoid meeting any insincere people:

Never give out any personal details until you are 100% confident – 100% certain – that the person you are communicating with is genuine. From personal experience, I would not give any rough idea of my location until I had swapped 4 to 6 emails. This tip alone helps ensure online dating safety.

The reason is simple: any insincere people would only be interested in your personal details and not swapping emails. So the first tip is to NOT give out any personal details whatsoever until you have exchanged 4 to 6 emails and you feel confident that the other person is genuine.

Never arrange to meet anyone until you have exchanged telephone numbers and spoke to each other at least 3 or more times. Ensure you swap landline numbers and not just cell/mobile phone numbers on adultfrienedfinder app. After speaking at least 3 times or more to any potential partner, you will have a good idea how genuine they are. (Another good safety tip.)

Never-ever give out personal financial details; including details of wages, salaries, savings, investments, bank or credit card details. If someone is interested in your financial details, then cease contact with them immediately!

Never-ever send or give any money to anyone you’ve recently met via a dating site. If they ask for money, they are not genuine no matter what the situation. Cease contact with them immediately!

As mentioned above, virtually all people listed on dating sites are genuine and looking for partner. Following the above tips and a little bit of caution will help to eliminate any insincere ones.

If you have any more online dating safety tips, please email and I will add them to this list.