Personal Space

You need to give your girl space, let her do whatever she wants and have the attitude like you don’t really care what it is. You may feel the need to fall into the mind state of wanting to always keep your girl around you so that you don’t have to worry about her getting hit on while your not there, or even worse her cheating on you… but in reality if she is the type of girl that cheats then you don’t want to be a LTR with her anyway, so her cheating on you is a good thing because it let’s you know she’s not worthy and allows you to end the relationship before you get in too deep.

Also, if you allow your girl to do what she wants then there is always the possibility that she might cheat… but if you keep her on lock down then in the end she will almost surely cheat when she gets the chance, because by doing that you are displaying insecure, needy traits and when a real alpha male comes along she will jump at the chance to get with him.

Here is how AFCs and Alphas think about this differently : When an AFC’s girl is out with her friends he thinks “What is she doing? Is she getting hit on by other guys? Is she having fun without me?”… his mind is constantly on HER. When an Alpha’s girl goes out he thinks “Nice! Now I’M free to go have some fun as well”… his mind is on HIM.

However, even though you should allow your girl you met on adultfrienedfinder to do as she wishes, DO NOT let her do it at your expense. Meaning that when she goes out alone do not let her take YOUR car and spend YOUR money… if she wants to go off on her own then it should be just that, on her OWN. Being successful in a LTR is all about maintaining your alpha status and not letting her turn you into a nice guy, and a part of that is not letting her take advantage of you by using your stuff for things that do not involve you. Girls always say that they want a nice guy, but what they really want is a bad boy that they can turn into a nice guy. Don’t let it happen to you, because as soon as it does you WILL lose her.

Gift Giving

NEVER buy random gifts for your girl, this is a urban myth that most men follow simply because they think that in order to keep their girl they need to grab the occasional dozen roses on the way over to her place. Women will say “Awww your so sweet” but they are really thinking that you are a push-over and that they’ve got you whipped and primed to be taken advantage of. They will then proceed to milk you for everything that you’ll dish out until some confident guy comes along ready to treat them like shit, then they’ll leave you for him.

Even on holidays where gift giving is mandatory, you shouldn’t make an extreme effort to please her. That means don’t go all out buying her 15 different little things and then one expensive big ticket item, buy her one small thing and be done with it. The best method for these situations it to make her gift something that you can benefit from as well, for example I like to take my girl to concerts, theme parks, comedy shows, or small vacations for her birthday… so I can have some fun too.