If you’re usually too nervous to flirt back when an aggressive women flirts with you by touching you, here’s a good technique you can use to advance with her.

Next time a woman keeps touching you, smile and say, “Hands off the merchandise!”

At this point, if she still keeps on touching you, say, “If you keep on doing that, you’ll have to pay.”

At this point, she will probably ask, “With what?”


Now say, “With a kiss…” and turn a cheek towards her.

If she kisses you, bingo! You’ve just gotten a kiss on the cheek without even touching her back. And if she doesn’t kiss you, no worries either. Just pull back physically and don’t reciprocate until she kisses you.

It’s an excellent way of acting like a challenge…

And either way you win!

How To Alpha Your Competition

I always tell you to just “ignore your competition” if you’re trying to go for a woman who already has other suitors.

But what do you do if you bump into a woman while she’s with another guy?

You alpha him. Here’s how you do it:

1) Approach the woman you met first on adultfrinendfinder by making eye contact with her and smiling enthusiastically. Ignore the other guy at first. In fact, if the guy tries to shake your hand or introduce himself, break eye contact with him and say something to the woman such as,

Well, I haven’t seen YOU for awhile. How’re you doing?” (Remember to make this shift subtly so it doesn’t look like you’re avoiding him on purpose.)

2) Talk with her a bit more.

3) Suddenly cut the conversational thread with her, turn to the guy, make eye contact with him, shake his hand, and introduce yourself to him.

4) After the introduction, make a compliment about his hair, shirt, or something else that he is wearing. (Example: “Nice shirt. Love it.”)

5) Tell him you have to go, turn back to the girl to hug her goodbye, and get out of there.

If you do this correctly, the guy will feel like he’s been totally “owned”, while to a third party (including the girl), you were just being friendly.

In fact, sometimes you can get the guy to feel so insecure that he’ll start acting needy or insecure. Good!