After the first two steps, you’ve managed to engage a girl or girls into a conversation and have them enjoy your company (for now at least).

The next step is VIBE, or better known as vibing. Think of vibing as “high-flying conversation”… where all you’re doing is using conversation to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere or “vibe” with the person you’re talking to. Think of vibing as ordinary conversation but with emotional stimulation.

You may remember from a previous article where I talked about Emotional Communication – the language of emotional stimulation. Emotional Communication is what you use when you’re vibing.

To give a concrete example of what “vibing” is… think back to a time when you had fun with your mates on adultfrienedfinder… by doing nothing but talking. What were you doing? Well, let me tell you… you were joking around, poking fun at each other, “shooting the shit” as they say. THIS is what “vibing” is.

In further articles to come, I will give you examples of how vibing works with a girl and how to use thrusting vibrators.

The whole point of vibing with a girl is to reach Cling Point. This  is where you’re providing so much fun and emotional stimulation that for the time being, the girl discards ALL other possiblities of other potential partners… and chooses YOU as THE ONE. It is called the “Cling Point” because this is where the girls literally clings to you… you could say that she’s in love with you… FOR THE MOMENT.


Once you have reached “Cling Point” with a girl, the next step is the Bounce. And no, “Bounce” does not mean bouncing the girl like a basketball… to bounce or bouncing is the act of moving from bar to bar (described as “bouncing” from bar to bar). So, to “bounce” a girl basically means taking her with you to different locations throughout the night such as to a different bar or nightclub, getting something to eat, back to your place for a party, etc. You can also “bounce” a girl within a bar or nightclub… for example from upstairs to downstairs or vis versa.